Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree for The Sovereign Loyalty Rewards Card Program [hereinafter referred to as “the Sovereign Card”] and acknowledge that by signing the card I agree to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions as outlined below.


The Sovereign Card is issued by and is the property of Sovereign Hotel Ltd. [hereinafter referred to as ‘Sovereign’]

How to earn points

  • A Member (customer) will earn 10 loyalty points for every Kshs.100 spent at Sovereign. A Member may inquire about the number of points in the Member’s account, from the guest relations desk or reception at Sovereign or by logging into the Sovereign Loyalty website portal.
  • The Sovereign Card must be presented at the time of purchase to earn points. No points will be issued retroactively.

How to redeem points

  • When a Member obtains sufficient points, such points may be redeemed at any given time by the Member presenting the Sovereign Card. A valid ID is required to redeem points.
  • The current redemption value of points is Kshs 0.05 per 10 points. Only Sovereign Card holders are allowed to redeem the points and Sovereign reserves the right to change redemption criteria.
  • You cannot redeem or exchange your points for cash. You cannot sell or transfer your points to anyone.

Loss or Stolen Cards

  • The cardholder is obligated to report a lost or stolen Sovereign Card as soon as possible to Sovereign either at the guest relations desk or at the reception or by emailing info@sovereignhotel.co.ke. The Sovereign Card can be replaced at a cost of Shs.500. Kindly note Sovereign reserves the right to amend the cost of replacing the Card.


  • Any Member not intending to use the Sovereign Card for at least 6 months or more must notify Sovereign in writing or via email through info@sovereignhotel.co.ke, so that the points can be suspended for the duration of intended non-usage. Points earned will expire if a card is dormant for one year. Dormant is defined as not earning or redeeming points.
  • Sovereign can, at its discretion, modify the program rewards or substitute rewards of comparable value without notice.
  • Sovereign reserves the right to discontinue Membership privileges and void a Member’s point balance and rewards if any unauthorized points are earned or redeemed, or if there is any unauthorized use of the loyalty programme.

How to cancel a Sovereign Card:

  • The Member may cancel their Sovereign Card by emailing instructions to info@sovereignhotel.co.ke or giving instructions in writing. If a Sovereign Card is cancelled any Loyalty Points not already redeemed by the Member will be automatically forfeited. By cancelling the Sovereign Card, the Member will stop earning loyalty points from the date of cancellation.

Important Information:

  • The Sovereign Card is issued by and remains the property of Sovereign. Sovereign reserves the right, at any time without notice, to:
    • decline to issue Sovereign Cards;
    • on reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel Sovereign Cards, and any points earned thereon;
    • terminate a Sovereign Cardholder’s membership in the Loyalty Programme; or
    • terminate the Loyalty Programme:
    • Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include:
    • any abuse or attempted abuse of the Sovereign Card or the Loyalty Programme;
    • any use or attempted use of a Sovereign Card in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions;
    • suspicion of dishonesty of a cardholder in connection with the Loyalty Programme.
  • Any tampering or defacing or unauthorised use of the Sovereign Card will render the Card invalid.


  • The personal information collected will only be used by Sovereign for the sole purpose of providing requested and related services. In joining the Loyalty Programme the Member consents to receiving occasional promotional emails from Sovereign and further consents to use of their personal information to assist in planning, developing and researching product and service offerings at Sovereign.

Sovereign may:

  • seek your participation (on a purely voluntary basis) in advertising campaigns, launches, customer testimonials, product testing and focus groups; and
  • seek your feedback on the Loyalty Programme product and service offerings.

Changes to Terms and Conditions and Termination:

  • Sovereign reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions, the Loyalty Programme, and any benefits under the Loyalty Programme at any time. Sovereign will give advance notice of any such circumstance on its Website, or the Member can obtain further details by calling Sovereign, allowing the Member to cancel their Sovereign Card membership within the period of that advance notice. Where Sovereign changes these Terms and Conditions, an updated copy of them will be available on Sovereign’s Website. Continuing to use the Sovereign Card after the period of advance notice has expired will be deemed acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.